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INVEST-TEK Captures New Paths to Valueby creating uncommon opportunities for investors throughout dynamic market cycles. INVEST-TEK sets the standard for superior risk-adjusted results with an integrated approach across private equity, credit and real assets, offering many paths to yield, alpha & value.

Business Segments

With over $____mm under management since our founding in 2010, INVEST-TEK‘s consistent, rigorous, value-oriented approach to investing across private equity, credit, and real assets has helped make us one of the premiere boutique alternative investment managers.

We serve many prominent Individual Investors, Family Offices and Private Equity Firms. Our unique ability to listen to our investor’s needs and fulfill those needs with carefully planned and executed investment strategies has created consistent alpha, above market yields, and strong value growth. Our principle investment philosophy is finding new technology solutions to age-old business problems in strong industry sectors.

Utilizing AI and Machine Learning techniques in dynamically changing industries, Invest-Tek creates unique value propositions and unfair advantages for it’s portfolio companies to accelerate growth and increase market share through disintermediating customers with new technology and innovative business solutions.


Serving Our Investors

As a leading boutique alternative investment manager, INVEST-TEK manages capital for hundreds of investors in dozens of countries, including some of the most sophisticated asset allocators of capital. Sophisticated Individual Investors, Family Offices, University Endowments, Charitable foundations, Financial institutions, and Private Equity Firms alike rely on INVEST-TEK to deliver differentiated long-term investment performance.

Fostering deep, long-lasting relationships with investors is paramount, and we believe our commitment to meet their needs is one important reason many of our investors are invested in multiple INVEST-TEK funds. We believe that strong investor relationships have helped create lasting value for our investors.

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Often, private individual Investors feel locked out of private equity markets.

INVEST-TEK provides a broad range of investment opportunities for accredited individual investors as well as family offices.

INVEST-TEK, in addition to recognize the importance of environmental, social and governance issues, and we have a long history of taking these into account. For our communities and our employees, we promote diversity, sound practices, and public engagement.

INVEST-TEK​ Responsibility

Mission Statement

Responsible Investing balances how environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues impact the firm, the companies in which INVEST-TEK-managed funds invest, the communities in which they operate, and the world at large. At INVEST-TEK, we have a long-term practice of using ESG factors in our investment management strategy and believe that careful attention to such factors makes good business sense. As applicable and appropriate, INVEST-TEK:

  • Incorporates ESG issues into its investment analysis and decision-making processes;
  • Engages on ESG issues with applicable investments it manages;
  • Seeks appropriate and applicable disclosure on ESG issues by investments it manages;
  • Reports on its ESG activities and progress to limited partners; and
  • Supports the implementation of ESG practices in the investment management industry.
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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Learn how INVEST-TEK is making change happen in companies, communities, and the world in our annual report. To address the events and challenges of 2021, we must not just be open to change, but must also seize the opportunity to make positive change happen at an accelerated pace.
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Responsible to

Our Investors & Employees

Hours volunteered by INVEST-TEK employees
$ 0 mm
Donated to nonprofit organizations

INVEST-TEK’s commitment to ESG issues starts in our own offices. We partner with charitable organizations, make significant donations, and connect our employees with volunteer opportunities to better their communities. These efforts also extend to our portfolio companies and the investments we manage, which have contributed nearly $1 million in donations and over 10,000 employee volunteer hours since 2015, making  real differences in the communities in which they operate.

INVEST-TEK places special emphasis on championing education and the arts. Our alliance with _________________________ supports students………

Unlocking access to education is a passion we share with the TEAK Fellowship, a program that helps talented students from low-income families gain admission to the nation’s most selective high schools and colleges. INVEST-TEK employees make long-term commitments to mentor TEAK students, which are supported by the firm’s sponsorship of related trips and events.

INVEST-TEK is committed to advancing diversity and inclusiveness at our firm, and to promoting these values in our portfolio companies, which collectively employ over _____________ people. From recruitment to training programs and diversity policies and procedures, our goal is to ensure that different experiences, perspectives, skills, genders, ages, ethnicities and cultural and social backgrounds are represented across every level of the firm.

The INVEST-TEK women’s network, INVEST-TEK Women Empower (IWE), was established to champion and support the engagement and advancement of talented women across our firm by facilitating mentorship and networking opportunities as well as educational and philanthropic events.

INVEST-TEK’s senior leadership supports the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion campaign, pledging to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The pledge builds on INVEST-TEK’s already strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, reflected in initiatives such as AWE and the INVEST-TEK Veterans Initiative.

Inspired by the fortitude and resilience of a wounded Marine, in 2014, Leon Black, INVEST-TEK Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, collaborated with Scott Kleinman, Co-President; and Laurie Medley, General Counsel, Private Equity, and Chief Responsible Investing Officer, to launch the INVEST-TEK Veterans Initiative.

INVEST-TEK-managed private equity funds invest in many companies that are committed to hiring and retaining veterans, National Guard, Reserve, and military spouses and partners. With our encouragement, these companies work together to attract and retain this unique workforce and become advocates for veterans’ employment. In our own offices, the INVEST-TEK Veterans Affinity Network, chaired by INVEST-TEK’s CFO of Private Equity and Marine Corps veteran Jim Crossen, helps drive our efforts. INVEST-TEK has been designated by GI Jobs as a Military Friendly® Employer.

We believe veterans are among the most skilled and motivated workers, with experience and training that add immeasurable value to an organization. As we extend the Veterans Initiative to more parts of the INVEST-TEK family, we are proud to be encouraging companies to do more for people who have served the United States of America.

Responsible to

Our Investors & Our Portfolio Companie’s Customers

34 +
portfolio companies have participated in INVEST-TEK's ESG Reporting Program
29 +
portfolio companies site visits
99 +
portfolio company ESG reports submitted to INVEST-TEK
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of waste recycled by portfolio companies
$ 0
donated to charitable organizations by portfolio companies
1000 +
hours volunteered by portfolio company employees
1.Diligence  2.Engagement  3.Reporting

INVEST-TEK’s proactive approach to addressing ESG issues begins pre-acquisition with robust diligence on industry-specific ESG issues. After acquisition, INVEST-TEK takes a strategic approach to ESG engagement and reporting. Upon establishing a company’s baseline ESG Performance during its first reporting year, INVEST-TEK uses this information to tailor both company-specific and portfolio-wide engagement initiatives, which, in turn, lead to more robust reporting to INVEST-TEK and its investors.

As a value investor, INVEST-TEK believes that careful attention to ESG factors makes good business sense, and accordingly, ESG considerations are at the core of what we do. ESG can offer potential sources of value, or insight into extra-financial risks, across all our asset classes—private equity, credit, and real estate.

Before investing, the INVEST-TEK team conducts ESG due diligence, consulting with outside advisors to identify ESG risks, risk mitigants and ESG opportunities. Information gained from ESG diligence informs the collective understanding of a company’s baseline performance relating to material ESG issues, and helps to inform INVEST-TEK’s engagement with a portfolio company post-acquisition.

Where INVEST-TEK-managed funds have sufficient influence or control, INVEST-TEK can help drive value by engaging with companies to encourage them to continuously measure, manage, and improve their ESG performance.

At events like our quarterly ESG webinars and Invest-Tek’s Portfolio Company Conference, companies have the opportunity to learn from one another and from expert advisors about how to make progress on ESG issues.

INVEST-TEK is a leader in ESG reporting. We ask our portfolio companies to report on more than 30 quantitative ESG key performance indicators and to provide qualitative information on portfolio companies’ initiatives in 15 general ESG-related categories. We compile and analyze these data, follow up with portfolio companies as necessary, report the results to our investors in our annual

Responsible Investing Report, and use ESG data to inform company engagement. Our RI and ESG Reporting Programs are important to INVEST-TEK and our investors, not only to avoid costly liabilities and drive better returns, but also because we see it as part of our mission to be responsible stewards of the environment and of society for future generations.

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We will assess your growth strategy and give you what you need to know on our complimentary report.

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